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Charice Elopes with X-Factor Finalist : One-Time Singing Darling Turns from Bad to Worse

Did Charice really elope with X-Factor finalist
Allysa Quijano?

We've been mesmerized by her over-powering voice and when she belted ala-Whitney Houston, we just can't stop loving this diminutive lass. Even the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Celine Dion fell for Charice's captivating voice. But whatever happened to her? Maybe the lure of superstardom and Hollywood kleig ate the better of this gal and the once lovable and hugable teen sensation has now become a wayward, wild child.

Remember when she had a total image make over? That stunned the public and earned her gazillions of criticisms that even her most loyal fans started to turn their backs on her.

And remember her crazy hairdos back when she was judging X-Factor Philippines? That made her a national lampoon on Philippine TV, a fashion blunder that merited her thousands of bashers in social media.

So what's next?

It now seems Charice has come out, blooming, blossoming and fresh the suffocation of the cold, dark closet.
Pictures, they say, speak thousands of words. And what's more obvious than these image?

Charice posing with another girl went viral
in the social media.

And there's this news that she has eloped with girlfriend and X-Factor finalist Alyssa Quijano.

Those close to Charice can reveal the truth.  One source named Mike revealed that he heard about Charice’ plan to buy a house. On a TV interview, Mike revealed that he even received a text message Liza, who introduced herself as Alyssa’s mother. Mike further revealed that Alyssa’s mother wanted to take her daughter back and she was asking Mike if he could accompany her. Mike refused, owing to the fact that he is a close relative of the Pempengcos, although he volunteered to reveal where Charice was staying.

Meanwhile, Charice’s mother was seemingly protective of her daughter. In an interview with ABC-CBN, she admitted that she had received text messages from Alyssa’s mother. She revealed that Alyssa sneaked out from her house at the wee hours of May 13 and someone had seen her rode a grey car with another girl.
Raquel was quick to explain that no one can confirm if the other girl was really Charice, so she totally shrugged off any allegations that the two alleged lovers eloped together.

"Hangga't hindi po mismo natin naririnig kay Charice ang totoong pagkatao niya, para sa akin, di po dapat mag-judge dahil sa physical appearance lang."

All these brouhahas only serve to fuel the speculations about Charice’s true gender prefer. But whether she likes it or not, Charice will have to come out and even if she doesn’t verbatimly reveal that she’s Tom Boy, her actions speak louder than words. Just take a look at the pictures surfacing on the net and you’ll see… Daniel Padilla... Lol.

And while it is true that she could be what she wants to be but, she also has to consider that she still has a huge fan base, people adored her not because of the masculine image she’s trying to show off now, but with her sweet, innocent, teeny-bopper image that made her a Youtube sensation, the darling of Oprah, and everyone’s sweetheart.

Fame and fortune is not a right. It’s a privilege and privilege comes with responsibility too. I don’t want to say this, but it’s plain to see that her career is near the end.

Compared to Aiza Seguerra, Charice trails miles and miles behind. Aiza Seguerra has learned how to reinvent herself time and again and she’s been in the business all her life. Charice is just a minor and she came out of the closet already. Aiza was already in the right age and in the right mindset when she admitted who she really is and, besides, she has already established herself as a successful child-actress and she made an equally successful cross-over into the music industry. Charice was just on the brink of breaking through Hollywood and she wasted that chance all because of her hasty desire to come out.

Now, who wants to watch a teenage girl who’s so full of tattoo from head to foot? If you dare tell me “Who cares if Charice comes out, she’s just being herself,” I dare tell you, “Who cares about Charice now?”  She just laid her talent into waste. 


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