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Why Amalia Fuentes can Afford to Back Out From a TV Soap: Lessons from the Movie Queen of the Philippines

Amalia Fuentes. Image: ABS-CBN
Note: I wrote this months ago when news surfaced that she resigned from Muling Buksan ang Puso, her supposed TV debut.

Amalia Fuentes has been a subject of my online research lately, as much as Dina Bonnevie has been the past few months. I was mesmerized by her goddess-like aura and the exotic look and Hollywood-like glamour that she projected during her heydays. To this day, she has maintained that beauty, although it’s also obvious that she has gained weight. She has indeed aged gracefully. No doubt, the Elizabeth Taylor of the Philippines never lost that title, let alone the looks that made her the Movie Queen of the Philippines (note: One movie observer way back in the 70s or 80s, if I am not mistaken wrote a magazine piece writing that Susan Roces is the Queen of the Philippine Movies. Now, there’s the difference).

From the height of her career in the 60s, until now that she has already maintained a semiretired status, Amalia Fuentes has been a constant newsmaker. In fact, such is her clout to run headlines that the ever enthusiastic press people never failed to pick up any news or scandal on which she is embroiled.
Video: Watch Ms. Amalia Fuentes in the Muling Buksan ang Puso trailer where she was supposedly to be be featured with Ms. Susan Roces.

Come to think of her love-hate relationship with her only daughter, Liezl (whom she affectionately calls Ana Lissa). How many times did she air her pains over her daughter? And how many times did she confess that mothers are always forgiving in nature, that any fault a daughter commits will eventually be forgiven by any parent. That’s one great mom of you, Miss Number One.

Then, there’s the bombastic word war between her and equally feisty Cebuana starlet-turned celebrity-mom-turned-talent manager Anabel Rama, in what was considered the biggest word war ever to occur in showbizlandia in 2012. The bitter feud landed both on top of showbiz headlines for weeks, even dragging the names of Gloria Diaz, Eddie Guttierez and Bianca Gonzales on the issue. Anyway, that was history.

Of course, there’s the issue with her tenants who assaulted her. The Movie Queen of the Philippines was unfazed, striking back using her clout with the media, and suing her former tenants.

Early this year, Amalia fans (myself, included), were delighted to hear news that she will join an upcoming soap in ABS-CBN (Muling Buksan ang Puso). The news was later confirmed and she was in fact set to be cast opposite iconic screen-rival Susan Roces. The last time they were together was in the film Cover Girls.

That was way back when. 

Video: Ms. Amalia Fuentes debuts inHuwag Ka Lang Mawawala.

I saw a teaser at YouTube and she was billed before Susan and with the prefix Ms. Before her name. That’s only worthy of someone as legendary as her, anyway.

Then, early this week, I was surprised when TV Patrol reported that Ms. Fuentes officially backed out from the show. No, “resigned” was the more proper team, as it was emphasized in the news. Anyway, official statement put it that she left the set because of creative differences with the production team, as well as conflicts with the schedule. Well, I rather that she prefer spending her days painting and gardening, eh? But one tabloid revealed that Amalia’s domineering personality, as well as her dependence on the crew for wardrobe caused conflict in the set. Whereas, her good ole friend Susan was praised as ever-ready with everything.

Anyway, money is none of Amalia’s worries. She admitted that in an interview with Dolly Anne Carvajal. She is extremely rich and her real estate holdings are actually spread in some of the most expensive districts in Metro Manila. Amalia invested wisely when she was the country’s top-earning star. Her business acumen and financial independence always gave her the reason to say no to any showbiz offers. And I am so happy for her. Not too many celebrities have that wisdom to save and invest wisely during her heydays and we often hear a fifteen-minute-starlet on the verge of poverty because of lifestyle inflation when big money and fame came. Oh, well, that’s life. Save for a rainy day, they say. Amalia saved—and invested—for so many rainy days, and here she is right now, living the good, sunny life. Enough to refuse or walk away from limelight. I hope celebrities will learn their lesson. I hope they always treat stardom as passing, so they’d consider saving and letting their money work for them.

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