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Ai-Ai delas Alas : The Saga of a Sugar-Momma-turned-Battered-Wife

Ai-Ai delas Alas’ issue is not an isolated case. Millions of women out there suffer the same fate, especially older women. They meet young, good looking guys with well-sculpted bodies and innocent looking face. But behind the boy-next-door image lies a devil in disguise. My, my. 

While we were all shocked with happened to seemingly indefatigable comedy queen, I believe I wasn’t shocked with the way her husband behaved.

First of all, why would a twenty-something good looking chinito make patol with a near-fifty lady? If it were not for something nice and crispy, I bet, he wouldn’t have the guts to court, stay up with, and eventually marry her.

When news surfaced that Ai-ai was having a relationship with him, ah, I said to myself, this guy is just one of those professional looking callboys, wanting to squeeze some cash from some ‘ol sugah momma. And I was right. He may not be that literal, professional looking callboy. He's basketball player-turned-car executive, but the way he treated Ai-ai, he's just like one of those gigolos!

While Ai-ai can’t say this in front of the national TV, I dare say, Jed Salas married her because of her money. Period. And for one year and three months, that must have been long time, enough to give the calf the chance to fatten himself so much. And look what he’s got, a nice, expensive car. I didn’t know pigs can drive, too! Lol.

And as for Ai-ai, you have always been my favorite comedy actress, remember that. All my concern and prayers are for you. But please, please, learn from this lesson. Don’t ever, ever depend your happiness on other people, especially if that guy is good looking and youthful. It’s OK to look for a partner in life. As you said, you’re not getting any younger. Your kids are getting older and sooner, they’ll leave your nest and make their own. I tell you, look for someone close your age, or maybe older than you are. Someone as mature, or more mature, as you are. Someone with good intentions. And best of all, look for a guy who puts God first in his life.


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