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TV Review: Princess and I, a Royal Finale

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Princess and I

I admit it, but since the passing of Walang Hanggan, I haven’t been a fan of primetime TV series, although I must say that my royal fanaticism has been telling me to stay hooked up with Princess and I. I didn’t… until last night when I found out that it’s the “Royal Finale,” so I told myself I should watched it.

The end was imminent simply because it has to end. Since December, ABS-CBN has been gearing up a new batch of teleseryes this January but I don’t find it enough a justification to hasten the ending of Princess and I. In fact, it seems that they did a leap on the plot, leaving everyone on a cliffhanger, only to find out that it was all the end.

It seems that they only gave Ashi Behati’s character the reason to comeback, revolt and do a short takeover of the crown.. then everything came to an end. After the gun-shooting incident, which left me to think that Dasho Jao was killed, it wasn’t explained how King Annan was restored on the throne, well in fact, aside from Behati, there are other scheming characters who wished to have the throne for themselves, like Annan’s traitor chief minister, or Christian Bautista’s character, who early in the plot schemed to plan a revolt and have the throne for himself (whatever happened to him by the way?).

Typical to a Pinoy soap opera, The Princess and I ended happily ever after. Yangdon became a united and peaceful kingdom, Jao became a monk , Ashi Behati lost her mind and Gino proposed his love to Mikai.

But I should praise Princess and I for a great story and superb acting that Filipinos really enjoyed. It triggered the interest for royalty and it made us believe that anyone of us are prince and princesses in our own right. 

Princess and I premiered April 16, 2012 and stars Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil and Khalil Ramos. It also features veteran actors Albert Martinez and Gretchen Barretto.  


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