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Movie Review: A Little Bit of Heaven

A Little Bit of Heaven
A good treat to a tiresome Friday is a nice movie night. Contrary to what critics had been writing, I find A Little Bit of Heaven (2011) light, inspiring and a delight for a lonely—and even desperate—soul. The plot is really simple: a hard-working, hard-partying girl was told she was suffering from cancer and she’s dying. God appears to her and tells her she’s got three wishes… and then she lives the rest of her short-lived life and makes the most out of it.

Kate Hudson plays the role of Marley Corbett. She’s this flirtatious, bitchy corporate lady who doesn’t not to be in a relationship. Her outlook in life is eat, drink and be merry. And that’s what she’s been doing and not even cancer dampened her sunny disposition.

Until she met Julian Goldstein (played by Gael Garcia Bernal), the Jewish doctor from Mexico who attended her throughout the treatment. He’s a stiff and formal guy who placed his career above relationship and he’s never been in love before… until he met Marley.

Any cancer patient would definitely be touched by this film and even I who isn’t a cancer patient felt delighted after watching this feel-good movie. I don’t know about those all-knowing critics, but I think this movie is worth watching by something who’s gone through so much in life lately. It tells us that our lives, no matter how long or short, could be worthwhile if we just grab every chances and make the most of it.

Joining Hudson and Bernal in the cast are Kathie Bates who plays Marley’s sentimental mother, Lucy Punch, Rosemarie DeWitt and Romany Malco as her best friends, Peter Dinklage as Vinny, the gigolo, and Whoopi Goldberg as God. The film was directed by Nicole Cassell and Gren Wells.  


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