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Pinoy Showbiz News : Ai-ai delas Alas confirms breakup with Jed Salang

Ai-ai delas Alas confirmed break up with Jed Salang.
An emotional Ai-ai delas Alas appeared in The Buzz to confirm her breakup with husband Jed Salang.

Clad in black, Ai-ai revealed that she has parted ways with her basketball player-turned-businessman husband last week. Ai-ai admitted that their relationship has been on the rocks and that she has been hearing rumors of her husband's infidelity right at the start of their relationship. However, she did not have the courage to confront her, let alone confirm the issue for fear of getting hurt.

The 48-year-old star, hailed as the country's comedy queen, revealed her desire for a complete family. Her children are all grown up now and she yearned to have someone beside her now that she's nearing her 50s.

While Ai-ai thought that Jed was the right guy for her, the scathing truth and their one-year-and-three-month relationship only made her realize what the guy wanted from her, she revealed.

In an all-out revelation, Ai-ai said Jed wanted them to celebrate their monthsary at a hotel-casino. Prior to that, she had gifted him with an expensive car. Ai-ai refused Jed's request given that it was not good for him or for her image to be seen in the casino. According to Ai-ai, Jed turned violent. A heated argument ensued. That was when Ai-ai realized that it was time to break up.

Just last April, Ai-ai surprised the entertainment industry after she married Jed, who was 20 years her junior.

Ai-ai also revealed that a third party was also involved in their breakup.

Ai-ai apologized to her children for what had happened and said that they were all enough for her.  Image credit: Philippine Star.


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