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Demonizing Cristine

Cristine Reyes

From newspapers to blogs, I have encountered so many write-ups demonizing Cristine Reyes. So many people keeps on saying that she has “the attitude,” a liar par excellence and a true-blue bratinella who wouldn’t give a dam. On my personal observations, I believe she’s one and in my own opinion, ABS-CBN has actually done more than enough to maintain her stardom. 

Acting-wise, she’s not someone who’s worthy of giving praises to. Acting doesn’t come easily for her, I bet and I find her really trying hard. She’s been in showbiz like for how long? I was in high school when I heard about her and fast forward almost 10 years now, I don’t think she has done enough effort to hone to her acting prowess. 

There are those who started out who can’t even shed a tear in front of the camera. Or, when they cry, it seems like their laughing… or trying to emerge successful in their stint at the loo. But time and dedication could do miracles. Look at Erich Gonzales. I wasn’t convinced of her acting way back her pre-Katorse days. But my, my, she’s one gem of an actress now and I really admire her personality (and her acting) more than Cristine’s or Andi Eigenman’s (another screen brat who needs some serious workshop!) I have read from a tabloid that Channel 2 is “gearing up” new comer Meg Imperial to dethrone Cristine. Well, this is something that she should watch out! 

She’s about the star in an upcoming teleserye, Bukas na lang kita Mamahalin where she would portray Gerald Anderson's objects d'affection. But she better take note that she’s not the only “star” in the set. She’s not even the sole leading lady there. Or the actress. There’s Diamond Star Maricel Soriano (who could put her to the sideline)or the divine Dina Bonnevie (who could lecture on her the merit of punctuality, just like what she did to Alex Gonzaga). 

Honestly, I don’t watch any show where Cristine is. I lost my interest with Nang Dahil sa Pag-ibig because of her and I theorize that (maybe) the promising teleserye turned out short-lived because of her. I just hope Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin won’t suffer the same fate…

"Compare Cristine and Marian’s feistiness, at least ‘yung kay Marian, nasa lugar at saka, the Spaniards are really well-known to be irritable people. People think that Marian is “malaki ang ulo,” but one of the things you’ll appreciate about her is that, she’s a comedic relief, no wonder. Marian is never the type of person who is the tipong “walang sinasanto” which is quite evident to a person like AA.

"Matagal naman talagang may attitude problem si AA, eh. I’d say, tama ‘yung quote na naiiba ang pagiging prangka sa pagiging bastos. Eh, matagal naman ding walang modo si AA, ah. What’s new about it, eh?

"Yes, AA is somehow, histrionic in behavior. She acts like a drama queen when ranting, na parang tumapilok lang sa hagdan habang stiletto ang sandals mo. No wonder, people don’t take her seriously as a public figure. Parang, she’s only known to be a “visual art” rather than an encyclopedia or a holy book. Bangingi siya, but Marian? Marian is still for a laugh in being bangingi, but AA? Yuck. Much worse, and more irritating. Pa-effort pang maging joke ang bangingi-an niya? Gosh, cheap parin siya, compare naman kay Marian."


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