Why Manny Pacquiao Shouldn't Accept a Rematch

Manny Pacquiao shouldn't accept a rematch with Bradley
Bradley's win was all Bob Arum's machination. He knows he'll lose his biggest money-making draw because Pacquiao vowed to retire once he wins the game. But he didn't. They cried rematch. And once the agreement becomes solid, Arum could expect to earn more millions. Now, if I were Pacquiao, I wouldn't acquiesce for a rematch. It's plain and clear. I've been cheated. I was the winner--almost. So, why would I deal with opportunists who want to make more money of my flesh and blood? COMMON SENSE. If Pacquiao was wise enough, he won't accept a rematch. He should protest the decision to gain was is truly his, even if it's last thing he does. At least, he'll retire knowing that the whole world is in his side rather than a grumpy old man's puppet.


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