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Sukob - Movie Review and Free Showing

Sukob, the highest-grossing horror movie of the Philippine cinema, stars Horror Queen Kris Aquino and Optimum Star Claudine Barretto. 

Sukob is another Kris Aquino vehicle that made her stood out in a genre where she gives her best. Meanwhile, this is Claudine Barretto's first- and so far her only- foray in horror. When both stars met on screen, what came out as a horrific horror movie, considered by many as one of the best horror films to grace the cinema. Add the directing prowess of seasoned and award winning Chito Rono and you'll have a movie that's worth watching again and again. 

The film showcases the Filipino belief that no siblings should get married on the same year. 


Sandy (Kris Aquino), an overseas worker, comes home to wed Dale (Wendell Ramos). Unexpected things happen prior and after her wedding. Her secondary sponsors, and later on, her friends and relatives disappear one by one. More mysterious things happen when Sandy sees her wedding photos. The people who disappeared were headless on the photos. Joya (Maja Salvador), Sandy's psychic cousin, tells her she is cursed by the Sukob. Sandy is puzzled because no one in the family died or married, until she finds out that she has a half-sister, Diana (Claudine Barretto). They seek the help of a shaman, who tells them that one must sacrifice to put the curse to a stop. 

Stay put and get yourself ready for a horror-rific movie adventure with Sukob! Enjoy the free showing! 

Movie Review

"Unlike most local pictures of the same genre Sukob succeeds as a horror, suspense thriller," praised the CBCP World. "Right from the beginning, ambience starts to build up with the extensive panning of old abandoned houses. 

"Visuals with well chosen details, some flashed quickly on screen, as well as effective sound effects including sudden jolts and booms, keep the viewers on edge.  The ingenious interweaving of the stories of two women in similar circumstances keeps the moviegoers' interest. "

Nevertheless, "the sudden switching from one locale to another" at the start of the film was  "confusing to the spectator who has not gotten a 'handle' to the story."

The use of symbols and other devices in the film was exquisitely done, while the cast, did their best  performances. 

"Editing is tight," continued CBCP Words, with all-praises given to "Chito Roño for his creativity as director and writer."

Foreign viewers also lauded sukob. 

One vacationer from New York said Sukob interests him a lot because it has "those sudden scary moments that make you jump out of your seat. 

"I am not Filipino but that plays no role in being able to like this movie. I watched this with my girlfriend (who is Filipina) and we both loved it. Both Kris Aquino & Claudine Barretto did a nice job. A must see movie for any Horror fan," he continues. 

Another foreign viewer noted: "Most of the horror is atmospheric--the director gets a lot of mileage out of a creepy little flower girl and some swirling leaves--and overall the story is more poignant than gory. There's a set of dichotomies at play throughout the movie, which I thought was interesting: it's a palimpsest of urbanity and wealth on top of a humbler, darker existence."


Kris Aquino as Sandy
Claudine Barretto as Diana
Wendell Ramos as Dale
Boots Anson-Roa as Tessie
Ronaldo Valdez as Fred
Bernard Palanca as Brian
Liza Lorena as Gilda
Maja Salvador as Joya
Raquel Villavicencio as Belen
Jhong Hilario as Erning
Maureen Mauricio as Paula
Glaiza de Castro as Grace
Cris Daluz as Dante
Neil Ryan Sese as Michael
Ku Aquino as Mang Cesar

Box-Office Performance

Sukob grossed a whooping P186 million, making it the highest-grossing Filipino film until the John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo-starrer You Changed My Life (2009). It remains the highest-grossing Filipino horror film. 


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