Goodbye, Claudine

I have been a loyal fan of Claudine Barretto ever since her face graced the television in 1997. I watched her fall in love with Gabriel and endure the bitchiness of Selena in Mula sa Puso (1997-1999). I myself had a crush on her when she played Rosario, Rosenda, and Rosemarie in Saan Ka Man Naroroon? (1999-2001). I followed every scene of her immortal love story in Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggang (2001-2003). She thrilled me as she swam for her life and love as Marina (2004). And though my college life never permitted me to completely watch Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin (2005), Walang Kapalit (2006) and Maligno (2008), my flare for Miss Barretto was revitalized when she made her stunning comeback in the rags-to-riches story of Catherine in Iisa Pa Lamang (2008). I was enamored by the wardrobe, the script, the great acting, and best of all, the legendary tapunan ng linya among Miss Barretto, Angelica Panganiban, and Cherry Pie Picache in this drama. I even found myself on the brinks of tear during the finale. Well, it must have been the premonition for Iisa Pa Lamang was her penultimate show in the Kapamilya Network. After her guest appearance in May Bukas Pa this year, which is another of my favorite, Miss Barretto eventually signed a contract just last November 25 with GMA.

It was around 10 pm when I read the news on the net as I am not an avid couch potato. It was a shock for me. My heart thumped and I was dumbfounded when I saw Pinoy Entertainment Portal’s headline saying that Miss Barretto has already transferred to GMA.

I have very little inclination towards GMA when it comes to their shows. Besides from the poor acting of their talents, which I find too obvious in the way they deliver themselves in front of the screen, I also find their scripts so poorly written. I wouldn’t tell names, but GMA’s leading stars, except for a sacred few, are too stiff with using their craft that they simply don't justify their salary and endorsements! As a matter of fact, the channel must have ran out ot creative ideas at all because they keep on adapting foreign dramas or simply reviving past shows with new stars to run the vehicle and keep it upbeat in the "Mega Manila" (not nationwide) ratings.

I do not know if Miss Barretto would be given the same queenly reverence that she received when she was in ABS CBN. I even doubt the kind of scripts that would land on her lap. She may be showered with side by side projects, that there’s no better substitute for the quality vehicles that she used enjoyed as Kapamilya talent.

I am still hopeful that a change of mind takes place. If not, my optimism towards Miss Barretto’s superstardom still reigns, even though it is now clouded by doubts whether or not she could hold on with her momentum after her exodus to GMA.


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